I have been trading for 3 years now and I wanted to give an update on my trading progress. I have had periods of large profits and periods of drawdown but am happy to say I learnt a solid mindset through the course which allowed me to stick with it. This is something I never understood in trading before- how to treat trading like a business and not become emotional over losses. Understanding random distribution and the edge that the strategies have helped me get to this point and execute the strategies consistently regardless of my emotions. Although I am not a millionaire yet (ha ha) this also wasn’t my goal trading at this point. My goal was to bank some extra income on the side for myself and my family which I have managed to do each year. Infinite Prosperity helped me be realistic in my expectations so had I gone into it expecting to bank 2000% returns like some companies promote I would have been very disappointed. I set realistic goals with my trading mentor and was able to generate 16% my first year, 22% my second and this year although not complete I’m up 19%. This isn’t to say I didn’t have periods of drawdown but like I said, I learnt enough to be able to stick to the strategies through these times and come out the other side.

I hope to be able to do a more detailed summary over the next few weeks with my trading journal. IP just released a new journal so I am currently transitioning over my old data to the new journal and will post results here once complete.

I hope this helps to inspire current IP students or anyone else thinking about joining. As I mentioned in my prior post:

I will be the first to admit I have joined the affiliate program so by using my links, I will receive a commission of your membership if you choose to take the course too. By doing this it helps me pay to keep this page online, helps the guys at Infinite Prosperity (who have helped me greatly) and most of all, it will hopefully help you to decide to make a very worthwhile life choice.

Check out the course here: Infinite Prosperity Foreign Exchange Trading Course

Warm regards,


Bryan Vandermeer

My opinion of Infinite Prosperity, how it has changed and why I bothered making this site.

Hey guys, my name is Bryan Vandermeer. I am full time financial market trader and investor from Carmichael, CA. I’d like to share my story with you, including my recent enrolment in the Infinite Prosperity foreign exchange trading course.

I registered for a gold membership on 28 July 2012, 5 days after I stumbled across the site for the first time. At 42 years of age and with almost 15 years of market experience under my belt, the decision to pay money to take advice from two twenty-something year olds was a tough one to make. I can truthfully say it has been one of the best 600 dollar investments I’ve ever made in my life, and I write this site with the primary purpose of encouraging those with any doubts to take the plunge head first.

I have written a brief article below with my honest thoughts and opinions about the course. If my article encourages just a few people to follow suit and register for the infinite prosperity program, I will consider it a worthwhile afternoon.

Infinite Prosperity is definitely NOT a scam… and here’s why I believe that to be true:

My trading background

I have a long and very colourful trading background which originated in early 1998. A close friend of mine at the time was making a killing during the “dot com” boom and gave me some really good advice. 18 months after my first investment, I had made over $250,000 USD. Another 12 months after that, the dot com bubble burst, which cost me all of my profits and more. This period of time was a huge learning curve for me. Although I had lost a lot of money, I experienced first hand, how “easy” it was to make a fortune in the markets, and witnessed the incredible potential that was there. I made it my mission to uncover the “big trading secret” that will unlock unlimited trading success and make me a fortune.

As you might have guessed, I never did find the “holy grail”. This is because there is no “one secret” that will guarantee success in the markets. It took me almost 4 years of attending numerous trading seminars and courses, reading a mountain of books and spending in excess of $30,000 on my education before I realized that and truly believed it in every fiber of my body.

In my time I’ve traded stocks, commodities, options, ETF’s and in the last year have ventured into foreign exchange as well.

Just a few months ago ago I closed out my biggest trade ever. On September 7th 2006 I bought into a little company called Apple (AAPL) at $71.20 and sold my entire position on the 24th of July 2012 for $608.10 per share. The profit I made from this trade alone has allowed me to finally start construction of my dream home with my wife and son, and to fund a very healthy foreign exchange brokerage account that I have opened with the help of Amy and Lewis at Infinite Prosperity.

Discovering Infinite Prosperity 

I was actually just browsing through YouTube one evening looking for exhaust systems for my C63 AMG (Mercedes) when I came across a video in the “suggested video” panel. It was titled “22 year old girl buys a Lamborghini Gallardo”. Naturally it sparked my curiosity so I watched it in its entirety twice in a row! I discovered Amy had her own company, Infinite Prosperity – and soon found myself on the website reading all about it.

Due to the fact that I had only started learning about forex trading about 2 months earlier, I was blown away by what Amy had achieved so early in life and my enthusiasm about this market was reinforced even further!

I wasted no time in sending them an e-mail with a few basic questions. I was again surprised and delighted that I received a written response from Amy herself, answering each question specifically and detailing her personal words of advice and wisdom.

What I was most impressed with about her approach is that she doesn’t come across as a saleswoman. Within the first (free) introductory lesson she explains that forex trading IS NOT a get rich quick scheme and that the mind game involved with probability based businesses relying purely on self-discipline means that most of those who attempt trading actually don’t make money.

Fancy telling potential clients that most people who have attempted to walk similar paths in the past have lost money! From my history in the stock market, this is not news to me. The unfortunate truth (for the masses) is that for the few educated investors to make good money over time, the majority of the market needs to be made up of gamblers, punters, novices, and those who don’t know how to risk manage. Although I was well aware most traders lose money, I had never seen a trading education company openly admit that

It is this blatant honesty and transparency that sealed the deal for me.

What I have learnt

Coming from stocks to forex is actually a big change. Although it looks similar to the untrained eye, the concepts of profitability is completely different between stock traders and FX traders.

As a stock trader, I place a trade to win! If I make good money from an investment over 6 months, a year, or 5 years – that is a good trade for me!

However, what I have learnt about technical foreign exchange trading from Infinite Prosperity (and what has shocked me a lot)… is that you don’t actually trade to win. You take many many trades which all have a slight “edge”, and over time – the edge plays out and you are left with more profits than losses. Much the same as a how a casino makes money over time. Both winning trades and losing trades constitute as a “good trade” – as long as you’re sticking to your strategy that will deliver profit in the long run.

Where I use to take stock trades to make big lump sums of cash, the low risk/low reward model I have learnt to trade in the FX market is actually directed at generating a steady cashflow stream.


Infinite Prosperity teach 3 ‘swing trading’ strategies that I trade each afternoon Sunday-Thursday (which is actually the start of each FX trading day in my particular timezone).

The claim they make about trading for 3 hours a week is definitely achievable once you’re comfortable with the strategies and the process of how to implement them… however I must admit I have been spending around an hour each day looking at charts, placing trades, back testing their strategies and getting a feel for the market.

As a gold member I have access to the “Pro Traders Journal” which is piece of software which has really helped me remain confident and stay on track.

So far I have been trading my account for 6 weeks and have placed 78 trades in that time. Although I admit so far I have actually LOST more trades than I have WON, you can see from the screenshot below how I was still able to make money by letting my winners run, whilst closing down losers quickly.

Infinite Prosperity Pro Traders Journal

The software automatically tells me that my average profit on the losing trades was only $197 whilst my average profit on the winning trades was $329!

My other favourite feature is that it gathers my past performance to forward project results. At the time of writing this I am still learning and know I’ve made a few (minor) mistakes… but If I can maintain my average I’m set to generate over 80% returns! As an experienced investor – I’d be more than thrilled if my return was a quarter of that for the year.


In closing, I am very glad I have taken the Infinite Prosperity course and have definitely recommended it to friends and family of my own.

The course content is completely original and ground breaking, the strategies are working exactly how they were described to us (no better nor worse) and the excellent support services has meant I’ve actually been able to develop an online/friendly relationship with both Amy and Lewis to the point where our email discussions often extend further than just trading itself. I have not experienced this kind of program in all my time, and certainly not for such a cheap investment.

As a part time web developer (working with search engine optimization) I have discovered there seem to be many people “sitting on the fence” about the Infinite Prosperity program. I know this because there is a frequent search for “is Infinite Prosperity a scam?”. The reason I have bought this site and written this brief article is to share my story and hopefully encourage someone who is ‘skeptical’ to take the leap.

I will be the first to admit I have joined the affiliate program so by using my links, I will receive a commission of your membership if you choose to take the course too. By doing this it helps me pay to keep this page online, helps the guys at Infinite Prosperity (who have helped me greatly) and most of all, it will hopefully help you to decide to make a very worthwhile life choice.

Check out the course here: Infinite Prosperity Foreign Exchange Trading Course

If you would like to ask me any questions I’d love to answer them. My personal e-mail address is: bvandermeer70@hotmail.com


Warm regards,


Bryan Vandermeer